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Uni Students

Read below to find out how to join us

1. Find your nearest branch

All of Sexpression:UK's activities are carried out by branches in universities across the UK. Check our list of branches to see whether there is one near you. If there's not, you can try to start your own branch.

2. Attend the training run by your branch

Contact your branch using the email on our branch list or just look for them at a freshers' fair. Find out when their next training is, and how you can attend it. Every branch requires its volunteers to attend a one-day training courses. This is to make sure they are safe when teaching and to give them skills to deliver a fun and interesting lesson about sex and relationships. Most branches run one training event each year during September or October.

3. Attend the events your branch runs on campus

Even if you haven't been trained by your branch to teach in schools, you can still attend the events they run on campus. Branches run awareness campaigns, talks and socials throughout the year which any student can attend if they have a keen interest in sex and relationships education.

4. Help us campaign for statutory RSHE

Sexpression:UK is campaigning for statutory sex and relationships education. You can contribute to this campaign by writing to you MP about statutory RSHE. We have created template letters for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If RSHE is given the resources it needs it can empower young people to make informed decisions. Non-judgemental and comprehensive RSHE can also reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, reduce the rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies, prevent rape and sexual assault, and reduce discrimination based on gender identity and sexuality.

Not a student?

If you're not a student unfortunately you cannot join Sexpression:UK. But you can still support our campaigns for comprehensive RSE and attend our conferences. There are opportunities to volunteer with other sexual health organisations such as Brook or Terence Higgins Trust.

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