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Our Core Offer

At Sexpression, our workshops are delivered by trained student volunteers, passionate about comprehensive RSHE. We use an interactive and near-peer approach that engages young people and addresses their questions.

Our workshops are:

  • Informed by the most recent RSHE Government guidance specific to England, Scotland and Wales alongside guidance from PSHE Association, Sex Education Forum and UNESCO technical guidance on comprehensive sexuality education.

  • LGBTQ+ inclusive, age appropriate and accessible to young people.

  • Flexible to school timetables and complement the existing RSE provision, tailor made for school requirements.


Bodily changes

  • Physical and emotional changes during puberty (p35)

  • Changes during menstruation and managing them (p35)

  • Changes to the body during pregnancy and pregnancy choices (p29)


Sex & the Media

  • Laws and guidance about sexting (p28, p30)

  • The influence and realism of pornography (p28)

  • Influence of media (including social media) on body image and self-esteem (p36)


Contraception & Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Full information on contraception choices (p29)

  • Information on STIs including HIV/AIDS and their transmission (p29)

  • Treatment, prevention and testing for STIs (p29)

  • How to get further advice and access contraception (p29)


Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

  • Information on different sexual orientations and gender identities (p26)

  • Prejudice and stereotypes of LGBT+ people (p28)


Healthy Relationships & Abuse

  • Characteristics of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships; romantic, platonic and familial (p27, p29)

  • Criminal behaviour within relationships, including coercive control and violent behaviour (p28)

  • Information on improving and supporting respectful relationships (p28)


Sex & Consent

  • Laws around sexual consent, exploitation, abuse, coercion, harassment and rape (p29)

  • Unacceptable behaviour including sexual harassment and violence (p28)

  • Communicate and recognising consent, including withdrawing consent (p29)

  • Being ready for sex and resisting sexual pressure (p29)

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