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About us

Since forming in 2000, Sexpression members from over 15 university branches have been delivering teaching to 11-18-year olds in schools and community groups providing informative, open and engaging relationships, sex and health education. Although originally founded by a group of medical students at University College London, Sexpression:UK has since expanded to train volunteers from all university courses, in order to capture the diverse perspectives that these students can offer.

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Our Vision & Values


Young people's individual beliefs are respected, and our teaching helps young people to act on them. We also encourage young people to respect the beliefs of others.


Because university students are closer in age to the young people than their teachers and parents our near-peer teaching encourages young people to participate.


Young people learn best and are more likely to make informed decisions about sex and relationships if they participate in discussions rather than being lectured.


Young people should be informed about all aspects of their sexual and reproductive health.

Our 2023-24
Impact Report Highlights

67% increase in sessions delivered

15 active branches!

221 Volunteers


young people taught

27 external partners

160 teaching sessions

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