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Meet the team


Daniel Harding (he/him)

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We're proud to be supported by our Patron, Daniel Harding. Daniel is a Broadcast Director, Presenter and Author.


Working within news, social, features, and with brands, Daniel works to create content. His debut book, Gay Man Talking, was released in 2022, with a second book on the way. Daniel is also an LGBTQIA+ and Mental Health advocate, with a passion to raise awareness and break stigmas inside and outside the community. 


Of his involvement in Sexpression, Daniel said:


"For a long time, I feared sex, and talking about it - especially as a gay man. Growing up, my education left out all things, both in sex and relationships, that I could relate to - I was lost and had to figure things out alone. Which for anyone scared of their own truth, is absolutley terrifying. The importance of these two subjects, sex and relationships, are crucial to everyone's journey in both health and pleasure, which is why I'm so happy and privileged to be teaming up with Sexpression. The team deliver incredible services, empowering and educating young people on sex and relationships. Something I didn't have myself, and that will continue to help everyone."


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